Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2014 Jim Falls Whitewater Events & Release Schedule

2014 Jim Falls Whitewater Release Schedule
  • Aprils 1st through May 31st - 850 cfs (24/7, designated for Spawning Sturgeon / Start date dependent on spring thaw)
  • Summer Release Schedule @ 650 cfs, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Special Thanks to Xcel Energy, NPS & American Whitewater for making these happen!):
 2014 Jim Falls Safety Days - Begginer / Intermediate & Advanced Courses
  • In 2014, we will host 2 to 3 Jim Falls Safety Days (Click to See Course Outlines from last years courses):
    • Saturday, May 24th, 9 am to 4 pm - Beginner / Intermediate Course 
    • TBA - Only will be held if enough interest, minimum 5 students (Beginner / Intermediate Course)
    • TBA - Advanced Course (Will be held in August) 
    • Course Outlines coming soon....
    • For organizations seeking Swift Water Rescue Training, please email us for more information
  • Participant Limit for each Event:  10
  • Cost:  $40.00 ACA Members / $60.00 Non-ACA Members (Includes 6 month Introductory Membership)
  • Note:  This year their will be Pre-registration deadlines for each course, TBA
  • To see footage from previous classes, please visit; Jim Falls Safety Days YouTube Site
  • To see Head Camera footage from a previsous course (Thank You Russell S.); http://youtu.be/PCZSV7f4bxQ 
  • For more information please email us @ jimfallswhitewater@yahoo.com    
2014 Jim Falls Whitewater - Beginner Whitewater Kayaking Course
  • Participant Limit:  10
  • Cost:  $150.00
  • Registration Deadline:  TBA (Will only be held with enough interest - minimum of 5 students)
  • Dates & Locations:
    • One Night - 5 to 9 p.m. - Location to be announced.
    • One Saturday - Meet @ Old Abe Lake Boat Landing (Jim Falls, WI)
    • One Sunday - Meet @ Hwy 178 Historical Marker (Jim Falls, WI)
    • *Note* Each participant will need to be outfitted for boats & gear prior to the first day of this course on the first night.
    • For more information please email us @ jimfallswhitewater@yahoo.com
2014 Jim Falls Sturgeon Fest Canoe / Kayak Races
  • ***Special Notice***Whitewater Race was cancelled last year & will be reviewed at the annual Chippewa River Settlement Team Meeting  in July of this year (NPS, American Whitewater, WI - DNR, etc.).  All interested parties should email Xcel Energy to show your support for this valuable Whitewater Resource in the Midwest; matthew.j.miller@xcelenergy.com .
2012 Jim Falls Sturgeon Fest Canoe / Kayak Races 
Down River Race Results, Video Footage & Pictures (09/01/12)
Jim Falls Whitewater - Whitewater Destinations of the Chippewa Valley
  • Jim Falls is the ideal locaiton for beginner / intermediate boaters to learn the basics & an excellent place for more advanced paddlers to hone in on their skills.  What mot people don't know is surrounding the Jim Falls area with in an hour or two drive their are several other locations to Whitewater paddle that can, depending on water levels, challenge the most experienced boaters.  Take a look at these clips & see what the Chippewa Valley has to offer:
Whitewater Destinations of the Chippewa Valley;

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Monday, August 01, 2011

Jim Falls Safety Day, 07/23/2011 - "Frog Eyed Floaters"

"Jim Falls Safety Days Crew", 07/23/2011

To see footage of all members swimmers from Team Frog Eyed Floaters, follow the link below;