Friday, July 10, 2009

Jim Falls Safety Day, Part II - Saturday, June 27th

Safety Day, Part II - Jim Falls, June 27th

13 brave souls made it for this one & good times were had by all despite a brief dance with the rain gods. Excellent group to work with!

Covered a series of topics; land based safety discussion & foot entrapment scenario due to minor thunderstorms, defensive / aggressive swimming, zip lines, rescue vest use & v-lowers & strainer exercise.

Defensive / Aggressive Swimming

Zip Line
(Note; we should have been using anchors for this, but Jim falls makes that a bit difficult. So, when all esle fails, you work with the River.)

V - lower
(gearing up, watch the video below & how he does this in style)

 testing the limits of a V-lower.....

V - Lower, showing us how it can be done..."Hugging & Holding his victim" gotta love it!

Doug, V - lower.......
Brian Koop, Zip Line......

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