Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Canoe U 2009 - "Ham & Eggs"

Team - "Ham & Eggs", 2009

Excellent graduation weekend for the team of "Ham & Eggs"; 1st day running the Kettle, 2nd day running the Upper St. Louis.

Even though I missed the first weekend teaching, having to fill the shoes of Alex Pak (an excellent instructor), it was neat to catch "Ham & Eggs" on their 2nd weekend. Having the oppurtunity to watch them "Hit it UP" on graduation day & giving them the freedom to take the skills they acquired over 4 days of instruction & run with it! Teaching with Natalie, awesome!!

Special thanks to Dennis Fox, Brian Gimu & Mike Jorgensen for safety boating for our group. Thanks to all those who were working on the "behind scenes work", making this thing Happen, "Awesome"!! And to Natalie, pushing me teach a few years back, You Rock!!!

Good times had by all, and a special thanks to Bob Dodds & Conrad for cooking up some excellent Chow on Saturday night!!!


-----Camping in Style, it's like bringing home with you where ever you go, this rig has a shower, a DVD player, the works!----------

-----Lou says, "Did you actually think I was going drop Electric Ledge alone?" :)------

-----Dennis showing how its Done!------

------Ooops, sorry Pat, not quite the angle I was shooting for-------

-------- Daniel, where did he go?......---------

-----Ok, the Crossfire can come back up...----

-----Ok, the Crossfire can come back up...----
------- Laurie Going for a Plunge...----------

--------- Chris Dropping In......----------

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